4 recipes with mackerel

With mackerel you can make all kinds of dishes. We dry, salt and marinate the fish according to authentic Japanese preparation methods, resulting in eight delicious fish products. Our home chefs and chef Ohtawara prepared dishes with their favourite mackerel product.

Enjoy. Meshiagare!

Mackerel in mirin with stir fried vegetables

Home cook Wesley got to work with our Saba Mirinboshi, dried mackerel fillets marinated in mirin. He combined the mackerel with rice and stir-fried vegetables and was delighted with the result: “The quality and flavour of the fish combined with the ease of preparation made me really enthusiastic.

Hokkai Ratatouille

You can really do anything with our mackerel fillets. Chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara demonstrates this with his simple but tasty recipe for ratatouille with Shio Saba. The vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids in the salted mackerel fillets make this a super-healthy meal that will please everyone.

Mackerel in miso with vegetables from the oven

Home chef Emilie was looking for new (fish) products to cook with and ended up at Hokkai Suisan. She chose the Saba Miso Zuke, the mackerel fillets marinated in miso sauce. She turned them into a feast with eggplant and sweet potato from the oven and pak choi fried in sesame oil. Add two glasses of (red) wine and enjoy!

Salted mackerel fillets with garlic beans

Home chef Joris found our salted mackerel fillets in the Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box and was immediately hooked. The Shio Saba is very tasty by itself and after defrosting for half an hour, it only needs to go into the oven for a few minutes. Joris combined it with rice and beans in garlic butter and soy sauce: “It doesn’t get any simpler or tastier than this.