How to order?

1. Order online
Log in at and enjoy shopping.

2. Send us an EXCEL sheet 
Download our Excel order sheet, fill out your information. Save it in Excel format and then please e-mail it as an attachment to

3. Upload the EXCEL sheet
You can upload your order sheet and receive a confirmation straight away, so you’ll know immediately that your order was received.

Our delivery procedure

  1. Please place an order using one of the methods of “How to order”
  2. You will receive auto-reply email about your order. Please check this message.
    • Note: your shipping charge is not yet added on this mail.
    • You will always receive this mail if you order online, but sometimes you will not receive it if you send in an Excel order sheet.
  3. Several days later you will receive an “information about the delivery” mail from us containing the delivery details of your order. Please contact us if you don’t receive it.
    • We send this “information about the delivery” mail to all customers who ordered, so if you do not receive it please contact us straight away.
  4. Please receive your order according to the conditions in the “information about the delivery” mail.
  5. Payment will vary depending on your location. Check the “information about the delivery” mail.