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Behind the scenes


In some parts of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France, our Hokkai drivers will deliver your order at home. If you do not live on one of our delivery routes, a courier will deliver to your home. See below for the differences between the two delivery methods. Please note: if you are not logged in, our website will default to Ship by courier options.

Delivery by Hokkai

Parts of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France


Delivery time
Three hour time slot

Hokkai Suisan freezer

Minimum order*
€75 in the Netherlands and €100 in the rest op Europe

Delivery costs

  • For an order between €75 and €100 the delivery costs are €7,50 within the Netherlands
  • For an order between €100 and €135 the delivery costs are €5 within the Netherlands
  • For an order more than €135 the delivery costs are €2,50 within the Netherlands
  • For an order between € 100 and € 150 the delivery costs are € 14,00 outside of the Netherlands
  • For an order between € 150 and € 200 the delivery costs are € 9,00 outside of the Netherlands
  • For an order more than € 200 the delivery costs are € 6,50 outside of the Netherlands

* We determined a minimum order amount for our orders, because we deliver the orders with special trucks for freezing transport. The use of freezing transport is necessary to guarantee the quality of our products.

Ship by courier

All of the European Union, including Switzerland

Monthly (according to Hokkai schedule. Change or additional shipping is possible, please contact us)

Delivery time
Via Track & Trace

Dry ice

Minimum order
€75 in the Netherlands and €100 in the rest of Europe

Delivery costs*

  • €15 in the Netherlands (regardless of the size of your order)
  • The shipping charges to other European countries are calculated based on the weight of your order, please see this table for more information.
  • In some cases, if you live outside of the EU, you have to pay additional import tax.

* The delivery costs for courier differ from those of our own delivery service. This is due to the fact that the courier ships our products by airplane.

Hokkai Suisan has been delivering freshly frozen fish products to Japanese families all over Europe for almost 30 years. To our delight, in recent years we have seen an enormous increase in the demand for Japanese fish products among the European audience. Today, not only Japanese eat products such as dried horse mackerel and raw tuna sashimi, but the Europeans too appreciate this.

Do you also want to enjoy Japanese fish products to cook with at home?
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