There is no obligation to place an order. You only order when you want to.

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There is a minimum order amount depending on where you live. Please refer to the list below. The amount excludes delivery charges and credit card costs, if applicable.
Minimum order

  • The Netherlands: 75 euros
  • Other countries: 100 euros (delivery by Hokkai Suisan) or 150 euros (delivery by FedEx)

We’re sorry, but your order cannot be processed. Many people team up with friends or colleagues to get over the minimum.

After compiling all the orders we send you an order confirmation message, on a fixed day. If by the following day you still haven’t received the message, please contact us by phone or e-mail. You will find the scheduled day on our website and on your order sheet.

Since we cannot make any changes once your goods have left our building, please contact us as soon as possible. Keep in mind our office is closed outside office hours, and your order may leave our building several days before delivery to you.

Delivery charges

This depends on the country and area where you live. You can find this on your personal page or contact us at +31(0)255541166


Yes, we are. Please indicate your office address as the shipping address when you place your order.

No. If you form a group, your order will still be processed as a single order. Please choose one person who will receive the order, and fill out their information in the delivery field. The combined order will be delivered there in one go.

We’re sorry, but depending on who ordered we decide upon a workable delivery route, which in turn yields your delivery time. So, unfortunately, you cannot choose the time.

It is not possible to choose a delivery day or time. FedEx will provide you with a tracking number which you can use on their website to get a sense of how far the delivery process has progressed. You can check here for more information on deliveries by FedEx.

1. To change the delivery address
Please let us know the new delivery address at your earliest possible disposal, keeping in mind the following:
In case of direct delivery by Hokkai Suisan: as a delivery route has already been planned, the delivery time to the new address may be different from the original delivery time.
In case of delivery by FedEx: We will relay the new information to FedEx as soon as possible, but it is up to them whether they can process the change in time.
2.To cancel your order
If you unexpectedly will not be available for a considerable time, you can cancel your order. However, keep in mind we may set out for deliveries several days before the delivery to yourself. In that case, the goods have left our premises and your order can no longer be canceled, so please let us know as soon as you can.