Hokkai Fukubukuro

Bag full of fish with discount

The Hokkai Fukubukuro is up for sale again! According to Japanese tradition we will surprise you with a bag full of tasty, healthy and easy to prepare fish products with discount. The contents of the bag will remain a surprise until the last moment, but we assure you it will be worth it. To get you started in the kitchen, we will share the preparation methods of the fish products and delicious recipes for inspiration.

Culinary delight

Would you like to get to know Hokkai Suisan’s range in an accessible, fun and delicious way and try out more of our freshly frozen fish products? Then order the Fukubukuro before the deadline of your delivery route. We will keep you informed about your route by e-mail. Are you not yet registered on one of our routes? Please register here.

Hokkai’s home chefs

Martine (41) from Graft: “As a fish lover, I was tipped to try the Hokkai Suisan products. I’m not very handy in the kitchen, so I found it ideal that a large part of the range is already marinated. Like the Sake Kasuzuke (salmon in ricewine sauce), which I combined with potato wedges, broccoli and roasted cherry tomatoes. The fish was deliciously fresh and very easy to prepare. Highly recommended for a meal when you don’t have time to spend a long time in the kitchen.

Sachiko (40) from Amsterdam: “In Japan, it is very easy to buy super fresh fish for sashimi. In the Netherlands, this is almost nowhere to be found. For a long time I have been looking for fresh salmon and tuna to make sashimi, but unfortunately without success. Until I discovered the products of Hokkai Suisan a few years ago. My family and I were finally able to enjoy the best quality sashimi in the Netherlands, as well as all kinds of other authentic Japanese fish products.”

Wesley (30) from Alkmaar: “Not so long ago, I first got acquainted with Hokkai through a dinner with friends. It was love at first sight. I love food. Especially good food. With a wife that loves to cook, I developed a quite high culinary standard. A simple dish from Hokkai Suisan certainly meets my demands. The quality and taste of the fish combined with the ease with which you can prepare it, really amazed me. And my wife too!

Anne (29) from Haarlem: “A delicious drink is served best with a good snack platter. I certainly do not turn down Dutch bitterballen and cheese sticks, but I also enjoy serving other snacks. My boyfriend and I eat fish from Hokkai on a weekly basis, but we had never tried the fish snacks before. I was familiar with Ebi-fry and Edamame, but Takoyaki and Shishamo were new to me. It was definitely worth a try, the snack platter was also well received by our friends. ”