Order the Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box

Every month we put together the Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box with our favorite fish products. All of our products are easy to prepare, taste great and contribute to a healthy lifestyle due to their nutrients and lack of calories. You can keep the fish in the freezer for a longer period, which is especially helpful during this time. As a thank-you for your order, you will receive an extra fish product in your box.

Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box

* this image is an example


6 x Hokkai Classics
1 x Sashimi
2 x Fish snacks
1 x Fish curry
1 x Fish gift

Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box XL

* this image is an example


8 x Hokkai Classics
4 x Sashimi
2 x Fish snacks
2 x Fish curry
1 x Fish gift

The Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box from August is filled with all products from our Hokkai BBQ Tutorial!

Frequently asked questions

What is freshly frozen?

For us it is all about quality. We shock freeze our fish products very fresh and very cold so that the ice crystals do not damage the cells of the fish. We call this fresh freezing. You will taste that this way, the flavors will be fully preserved!

How do I prepare the fish?

Almost all of our Hokkai Classics are flavored with the most delicious Japanese sauces and marinades. Often, you only have to put them in the oven or on the barbecue. All of our products are provided with a clear preparation method, so you can instantly  create delicious Japanese Fish dishes. Take a look at our recipes for inspiration!

Do you deliver the Freshly Frozen Box to my house?

Yes. Depending on your address, either our chauffeurs or the courier will deliver the box to your house. Our Chauffeurs will make the delivery in a special refrigerated truck. The deliveries made by the courier will contain dry-ice. This way we safeguard the quality of the fish products during delivery.

Wesley (30) from Alkmaar: “I love good food. With my wife, who loves to cook, I have developed a high culinary standard. A simple dish from Hokkai Suisan certainly meets my demands. The quality and taste of the fish combined with the ease with which you can create the dishes, really amazed me.”

Hanako (54) from Amsterdam: “What I miss most about Japanese food is sashimi. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get the real fresh fish products, which you need for making sashimi, in the Netherlands. Even on the local market the fish is often not fresh. That is why I always order my fish at Hokkai Suisan. They offer real fresh fish, which we can enjoy at any time. Like we can in Japan!”

Peter (72) from Heiloo: “Cooking is a hobby that got a little out of hand. Normally, I only use non-frozen products. But because Hokkai Kitchen is my favorite restaurant I got curious about their freshly frozen products. While I did not expect too much, I am now really enthusiastic. The quality is excellent and I am certainly going to cook with these products more often!”