Updates October 2021

Video Horse Mackerel

This month we put the horse mackerel in the picture, the fish that started it all for Hokkai. Did you know that our horse mackerel is caught in the North Sea? Did you know our horse mackerel is caught in the North Sea? And that this fish has nothing to do with the common mackerel? In this video, Marinus Noordenbos tells you everything you want to know about horse mackerel; a special fish which can be used for a lot of different meals.

Oden set

Hokkai Recipe: Oden

Oden is a one-pan dish with delicious products such as surimi and different types of fishcakes. It’s very simple to prepare and you can add as many ingredients as you like. With our Oden Set, you can put a delicious Japanese fish fondue on the table easily and quickly.

Japanese Culinary Academy certificate

Our colleague Rolando has been awarded the bronze badge of the Japanese Culinary Academy! A huge achievement, for which he had to pass both a theoretical and practical exam. “Not only did I learn about all the aspects that make Japanese cuisine so special and extraordinary, I also studied and practiced various Japanese cooking and cutting techniques. I have the honor of working with Chef Ohtawara, he gave me a lot of feedback that allowed me to take my technique and knowledge to the next level.” We are proud of Rolando and his certificate!

Hokkai Tutorial: How to make nabe

In a Hokkai Tutorial chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara shows how he makes nabe. Nabe is a traditional Japanese dish that consists of homemade broth, in which you cook all kinds of fish and vegetables. In Japan, this hotpot is not only a festive dish, but also a festive way of eating. Sitting around the pan together feeling connected to each other. Which is important, especially during the Holidays.

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