Hokkai & Friends: In search of the origins

In our search for authentic and traditional Japanese products, we at Hokkai Suisan have established partnerships with exceptional suppliers over the years. Through our shared passion for Japanese food culture, we have become friends. We think it’s high time to introduce these friends to you, which is why we are presenting this new item.

In Hokkai & Friends, we put our suppliers in the spotlight. We explore the origin and the strength of our products. Where do our delicious scallops come from? How is our mackerel caught and handled? Who are the people who ensure that we in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe can enjoy original Japanese food? We go back to the origins and show you where our ingredients come from.

Stories of our suppliers

The Japanese are very proud of their cuisine. The unique and diverse cuisine has even been awarded the title of world heritage by UNESCO. At Hokkai, we want as many people in Europe as possible to enjoy Japanese food culture. Telling the stories of our suppliers is a great way to introduce people to the Japanese cuisine.

Pure fish

In the eyes of Marinus Noordenbos, CEO of Hokkai Suisan, the Japanese food culture is characterised by the art of leaving things out. “By preparing and serving fish in its purest form, you can enjoy it to the fullest. The taste comes into its own in a natural way. That is why we attach so much importance to the quality of our products. Our fish comes from real specialists who share the same passion as we do.”

Proud of products

Japanese food is about more than just tasty dishes and delicious flavours. Respect for the products and centuries of tradition is extremely important. The pride that our suppliers feel for their product is inspiring and deserves a stage. We are therefore honoured to share their stories with you through Hokkai & Friends.

In April you will meet our first friend!

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