Updates March 2021

Bag filled with fish at a discount price

The Hokkai Fukubukuro is up for sale again! According to Japanese tradition we will surprise you with a bag full of tasty, healthy and easy to prepare fish products with discount. The contents of the bag will remain a surprise until the last moment, but we assure you it will be worth it. To get you started in the kitchen, we will share the preparation methods of the fish products and delicious recipes for inspiration.

Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Our CEO Marinus Noordenbos is appointed Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Amabassador by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. This week Ambassador Horinouchi presented him with the official appointment letter and badge. An enormous honour!

Chef’s Recipe: Aji no Hiraki Takikomi Gohan

With Aji no Hiraki as very first product, it all started at Hokkai Suisan. The refined taste of the dried horse mackerel makes it our most popular product to this day. Chef Ohtawara shows how to prepare our signature fish in a very easy and tasty way in his recipe for Aji no Hiraki Takikomi Gohan (one-pot rice dish).

Hokkai & Friends

In our search for authentic and traditional Japanese products, we at Hokkai Suisan have established partnerships with exceptional suppliers over the years. Through our shared passion for Japanese food culture, we have become friends. We think it’s time to introduce these friends to you and that’s why we are presenting the Hokkai & Friends section.  

Recipes with mackerel

With mackerel you can make all kind of dishes. We dry, salt and marinate the fish according to authentic Japanese preparation methods, resulting in delicious fish products. Our home chefs and chef Ohtawara prepared dishes with their favourite mackerel product.