Hokkai Fukubukuro

A bag filled with fish for a reduced price

Fukubukuros are a key aspect of Japanese New Year celebrations. These traditional bags can be filled with all kinds of products, such as clothes, hardware or food depending on the store or brand where you buy it. The buyer does not know the exact content of the bag. The only guarantee is that he gets a big discount.

A couple years ago, we introduced this Japanese tradition in the Netherlands. During our open days we offered the Hokkai Fukubukuro and with success! More and more people are curious to try the bag filled with delicious fish products that are healthy and easy to prepare.

It’s worth it

Due to the increased demand for our Fukubukuros we have decided to offer these traditional lucky bags more often. This way you can explore and experiment with the assortment of Hokkai in an easy and fun way.

You are able to order the Fukubukuro until the 26th of February 2020 with a great discount! We make sure that your bag is filled with goodness and ready for pick up in IJmuiden on Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of February. When you pick up the bag, you will find out what’s inside this time!

Hokkai at Home with Julia from Haarlem: “I just moved in with my boyfriend, which means that now every day we have to think about what we should eat today. Thanks to the Hokkai Fukubukuro, I always find something delicious in my freezer. Like the Sake (Salmon) Sashimi, which I prepared with spring onion, garlic flakes and ponzu. On the side, I cooked some Japanese rice and spinach with shiitake. Simple, tasty and fast!” View the recipe

Hokkai at Home with Joris from Alkmaar: “Last month, I bought a Hokkai Fukubukuro for the fourth time. I really like this surprise bag, because it helps me to try out new fish products. Yet today I choose one of my favorite products: Shio Saba. This salted mackerel is very tasty itself and can be put in the oven directly. I like to serve this fish with some rice and beans in garlic butter and soy sauce. It doesn’t get much easier and tastier than this.” View the recipe

Hokkai at Home with Pieter from Heeg: ‘I work offshore and in between projects I often have one month off. Whenever I am on board of a ship, dinner is prepared for me but at home I have to manage this myself. And that is quite a challenge. I prefer to eat tasty and healthy meals but I don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen. In this case, the fish products of Hokkai are ideal. As soon as I come home, I order a bag full of fish which I usually finish by the end of my free month. So delicious! Especially the Sake (Salmon) Teriyaki with broccoli and rice.” View the recipe