If you register we will only send you the monthly newsletter and information about events in your area, and you can select which information you want to receive. It is not necessary to order every month. You only place an order when you want to.

You can add a registration if you use a separate e-mail address. Go to our website, choose “register” and follow the instructions from there. However, it is impossible for us to see which people “belong” together if you order as a group. So, if later you have a question about an order, please always include the order number, or the full name of the person who placed the order.

Please go to our website, choose “register”, and follow the instructions from there. You will receive a message that allows you to select what e-mails you want to receive from us. If you have selected you want to receive the newsletter but you are still not receiving it in your mailbox, please contact us on info@hokkai.com

No, you can place an order, without registering. However, if you are not logged-in as a registered customer, you can only choose shipment by courier as your shipping method, even if you live in an area where our own driver can come to deliver. Also, you will not be able to see any special offers on products in your area if you are not logged in, so if you want to benefit from our special offers, please register and log in before placing an order.

Please write your information without any umlaut or accent marks. Use only alphabet and no Japanese characters. In your phone number, leave out plus, minus, space, etc.

If you forget your password, go to “log in” on our website and click “Lost your password?”, and you can reset your password from there. If you forget your ID (normally this is your e-mail address), please contact us on info@hokkai.com


There is a minimum ordering amount of 75 euros inside The Netherlands and 100 euros outside The Netherlands. If you place multiple orders, every separate order needs to be above this amount. The minimum includes only products; it does not include shipping charge or any extra charges where applicable.

Because there is a minimum order amount, some of our customers choose to order together with friends or colleagues. Please do not send in any partial orders. Add up the articles you want to order and place as a single, combined order. Choose a single delivery address for one order that is over the minimum order amount.

Yes, you can place an order at any time. However, we advise that you place your order between receiving the latest newsletter and the ordering deadline. Otherwise, you may miss out on special offers or an item you wanted may go out of stock.

If you want to order using an Excel sheet, it is best to download it after you receive the newsletter, and before the deadline. It is possible the available items change between downloading the sheet and placing an order. For more information on ordering with an Excel sheet, click here.

Since we cannot make any changes once your goods have left our building, please contact us as soon as possible. Keep in mind our office is closed outside office hours, and your order may leave our building several days before delivery to you.

Please check that you are logged in, before placing your order. The discounted prices will be visible from the moment you receive the newsletter, up to and including the day of the ordering deadline.

Only fill out numbers on the Excel sheet, do not use any formulas. Also, you cannot upload multiple sheets at once. Compile the order into a single sheet to upload.

After you upload the sheet, there will appear a screen where you can enter the delivery address. You can tick the box “ship to a different address” to enter a delivery address that is different from the billing address.

The delivery address will appear on the Excel sheet next time you order. If you want to change how your addresses are registered, please log in and go to “my account” and “addresses”. You can update your information here before you place an order.

If you have placed an online order or if you have placed an order by uploading an Excel sheet, you will receive an automated confirmation message by e-mail. If you do not receive this message please contact us, because there may have occurred some sort of error and your order remains pending, for instance because the payment process has not been completed.

Also, four days after the deadline for your area, you will receive an e-mail with information about the delivery of your order. If you do not receive this e-mail on the expected day, please contact us as soon as possible. You can find the deadline on our website after you log-in, in the newsletter, and on the Excel ordersheet.

To avoid making any mistakes when we receive your order, we do not accept orders by telephone or fax. Please order online on our website or use an original order form.

We don’t have any physical cards on paper, but we can send you a coupon code as a pdf file. Let us know the amount you want to buy a gift card for, and we will make a design and send you the pdf. If you want, you can print it out and present it like that to the beneficiary.

Shipping charge

Except if you come to Hokkai Suisan to pick up your order, there will be a shipping charge. This will depend on your country/region and mode of delivery, so please check our most recent newsletter or inform via info@hokkai.com


Where our own driver comes to deliver, there is a set delivery day, once a month. Check the newsletter for the next delivery day and ordering deadline or contact us on info@hokkai.com

To all other areas we ship using a courier. Here too, we offer you a shipping date once a month in the newsletter, but if you want the goods shipped out on a different date, please consult with us via info@hokkai.com

For more details, look here.

Yes, we are. Please indicate your office address as the shipping address when you place your order.

You can choose to place a single order with several people. Your combined order will be delivered at the delivery address that you have chosen. It is not possible to have parts of your order delivered in multiple different places: what you have placed as one order will be delivered as one order.

We’re sorry, but depending on who ordered we decide upon a workable delivery route, which in turn yields your delivery time. So, unfortunately, you cannot choose the time.

If we send out your order via a courier, you will receive the package later that week, during the same week. It is not known in advance on what day of the week it will arrive, and it is not possible to choose a day of the week. You do however receive a tracking number, that allows you to follow the delivery of your package. For more information, click here.

  1. Changing the delivery address of an order

If there is someone else who can receive the goods, we can change your order’s delivery address. Please let us know as soon as possible.

In the case of direct delivery by Hokkai Suisan: the delivery route and delivery times may already be set. If you change the delivery address, the delivery time may also become different.

In the case of delivery by courier: if your order is already shipped out, it may no longer be possible to make any changes, as decided by the courier. Please contact us as soon as possible.

  1. Cancelling an order

We can cancel your order, for instance if you are unexpectedly unavailable for a long time.

For hygienic reasons, an order can no longer be cancelled once the goods have left our premises. It is possible that the goods leave our premises a number of days before the delivery day, so please contact us plenty of time in advance.


Please make your payment before the delivery day. If you place an online order, you can make your payment at the moment of ordering. If you have chosen “bank transfer”, but later you’d like to pay with credit card or PayPal etc. instead, we can send you a link for that.

No, payment on delivery is not possible. This includes the areas where our own driver comes to deliver. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Yes, all our products are stored and transported in frozen condition. Please put them in your own freezer as soon as you receive them.

If kept properly frozen, most products will keep between 6 months and a year. On the Maguro (tuna) products we set a shorter date of three weeks after production. Maguro has a high fat content which makes it prone to color change, and we want to allow you to consume it when it looks its best.

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