Hokkai Sashimibox

to make your own sashimi dishes at home

Enjoy a culinary experience at your home with the Hokkai Sashimibox. In cooperation with Mr. Takamura, Tomasu and Koppert Cress we offer the optimal taste experience of sashimi, wasabi, soy sauce and shiso. An exclusive and qualitive total package for an evening of luxury dining. Choose the size box that suits you!

The Hokkai Sashimibox can be ordered until Sunday October 25th. You can pick up your box in IJmuiden from October 28th until October 31st . You will receive an email about this by then. Enjoy your meal with the Hokkai Sashimibox!

Hokkai Sashimibox S

for 3 to 4 people


Maguro Akami (lean fat tuna)
Sake Sashimi (salmon)

1 fresh wasabi root from Japan
1 special wasabi grater from Japan
100 ml soy sauce from Tomasu
5 shiso leaves from Koppert Cress

Hokkai Sashimibox L

for 5 to 6 people


Maguro Akami (lean fat tuna)
Sake Sashimi (salmon)
Buri Sashimi (yellowtail)
Maguro O Toro (fatty tuna)
Suzuki Sashimi (seabass)

2 fresh wasabi roots from Japan
1 aspecial wasabi grater from Japan
100 ml soy sauce from Tomasu
10 shiso leaves from Koppert Cress

Chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara shows us how to prepare the perfect sashimi platter

Wasabi by Mr. Takamura

Of course, wasabi cannot be missing in the Hokkai Sashimibox. This spicy, green paste comes from the delicate wasabi plant (wasabia japonica), which grows in Shizuoka, Japan. Our wasabi farmer Mr. Takamura belongs to a select group of farmers who have the knowledge and experience to grow the exclusive mazuma variety. Numerous conditions are required for growing this species, such as a constant flow of fresh mountain water, the right amount of sunlight and fertile soil. Fortunately, Mr. Takamura knows like no other how to use the unpredictable elements of nature to grow this beautiful product with a sharp but sweet taste. To use the wasabi root, you will also receive a traditional wasabi grater.

Tomasu soy sauce

In addition to super fresh wasabi, the Hokkai Sashimibox is also filled with Tomasu soy sauce brewed in the Netherlands. Tomasu grows its own soybeans and wheat in the Hoeksche Waard. These ingredients are combined with spring water and natural sea salt from Brittany. Fermentation is started by the addition of Tomasu’s own fungus: Aspergillus Oryzae Tomasu. The only ingredient left after that is time. It takes at least three years before the final product is bottled into a delicious soy sauce with a rich taste from Dutch soil.

Shiso leave op Koppert Cress

Finally, in the Hokkai Sashimibox you will also receive shiso from Koppert Cress. Shiso is the leaf of the perilla plant, family of the mint. The leaves have a mild but distinct and delicious flavor. In Japan it is very common to wrap a leaf of shiso around a slice of sashimi. A true taste sensation.