Updates September 2020

Hokkai at Home with Vincent

A culinary treat! That is how we describe this ceviche with seabass made by home cook Vincent: “Sometimes you make a culinary discovery that you still enjoy years later. For me that was about six years ago when I discovered Hokkai Suisan. A company with an extensive range of high quality products. Distinctive because of the authentic Japanese way in which they prepare the fish. You won’t find that exclusive taste anywhere else, except in Japan itself. ”

The art of sushi

In the heart of the harbor of IJmuiden you will find our restaurant Hokkai Kitchen. Here you can enjoy Japanese food as it should be, with delicious flavors, fresh products and traditional recipes. Chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara and his team stand for quality, craftsmanship and passion. Three aspects that together form the foundation for the art of sushi.

In collaboration with the talented teams of Lukkien and Noordenbos Film, we made a video about the art of sushi. With our chef in the lead, who is always working on perfecting his art.

Hokkai Recipe: Chikuwa Isobeage

This is one of our favorite snacks with a cold beer. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients, coat the chikuwa with the batter and fry the fish cakes in the pan. Simple but tasty!

Hokkai Fukubukuro

The Hokkai Fukubukuro is back! This traditional surprise bag full of healthy and delicious fish could again be ordered from us at a discount. We are delighted to have made many fish lovers happy again! According to Japanese tradition, the contents of the bag remain a surprise, but we decided to reveal some products. For example, this month the bag was filled with Hokke, Chikuwa and Suzuki Sashimi.

Hokkai Recipe: Hokke with miso soup

Last month we added Hokke (Atka Mackerel) to our assortment. Enough reason to dive into the kitchen and make a delicious dish with it. Combined with some Japanese rice and warm miso soup, this mackerel makes a traditional Japanese breakfast. Easy and delicious!