Hokkai Kioke Miso

Introducing Hokkai miso 

Miso is a full-bodied savory soybean paste which adds deep flavor to both Japanese and Western dishes. 

Most people might only know Miso from the classical ‘miso soup’ but there are countless other ways you can use it. In fact, miso may be the most versatile seasoning in the world! Think of it as a richly aromatic, deeply flavorful alternative for salt. A secret ingredient that elevates every dish.

How it’s made

Our Hokkai miso is naturally produced in a small brewery near the Hiruzen Highlands of Japan. The technique for traditional misomaking hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. Even the barrelrs that are used for fermentation are handed down from generation to generation.     

Depending on the type of miso de ingredients may differ, but Hokkai miso is made with rice, soybeans, salt and koji. This last ingredient is by far the most important as it is the key factor to determine the taste. Each miso maker prides himself on making his own koji and our partner Mr. Kono takes care of his koji as if they are his children.

The miso maker 

We are extremely happy to work together with Mr Kono. He is the 8th generation in a long line of miso makers that goes all the way back to 1888. Some parts of his factory still date from that time, making it feel like stepping back in time. Inside there is a serene magical atmosphere. Collosal wooden barrels of more than a hundred years old are lined up row by row, each filled to the brim with delicious miso. There the miso slowly matures until Mr. Kono (sometimes after two years!) finally gives his approval.

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