Hokkai celebrates 30th anniversary!

Dear customers, 

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support over the years. You have been with us every step of the way, and we are deeply grateful for your loyalty and trust.

30 years ago I started Hokkai Suisan together with my wife. One year prior, I did an internship in Japan, where I worked at a fish processing company that specialized in horse mackerel. This experience ignited my passion for traditional Japanese cuisine and sparked the idea of bringing it to Europe.

I was overwhelmed by the support we received from all our customers and how they helped us build up our business. Today, we have expanded our reach and offer more than 60 traditionally prepared Japanese fish products to more than 8000 families in Europe. 

But our journey does not stop here. We are constantly exploring new ways to preserve the traditional Japanese food culture while also catering to the evolving tastes of our customers. We believe that food is a bridge that connects people from different cultures, and we want to use it to promote cultural exchange and understanding.

As part of this journey, I am deeply honored and humbled to be appointed as Culinary Goodwill Ambassador by the Japanese government. It is truly a privilege to represent and promote the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Japan.  I look forward to continuing working with authentic Japanese producers and local suppliers to further enhance cultural exchange through the universal language of food.

I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I got working with all of you and we look forward to continuing to produce and deliver the best Japanese (fish) products to your homes. 

Yours sincerely, 

Marinus Noordenbos