Updates November 2020

Holiday Fukubukuro

With the Holiday Fukubukuro you will surprise your friends and family during the holidays with a Japanese snack platter, sashimi dish and nabe (hotpot). Delicious as a 3-course dinner for about four people, but also fun to give your own twist.

The Holiday Fukubukuro can be ordered until 8 December! You can choose whether you want to pick up the bag in Ijmuiden or have it delivered at home.

Hokkai Tutorial: how to make nabe

In this Hokkai Tutorial Kuniyoshi Ohtawara shows how he makes nabe. This traditional Japanese dish consists of homemade broth, in which you cook all kinds of fish and vegetables. In Japan, nabe (including sukiyaki) is not only a festive dish, but also a festive way of eating. Sitting around the pan together feeling connected to each other. Which is important, especially during the Holidays.

Would you also like to make this dish? With the Holiday Fukubukuro you can! You will receive most fish needed for this dish and products to make a snack platter or a beautiful sashimi dish.

Hokkai at Home: Maguro Chu Toro Don

Home cook Mayu shares her simple but delicious recipe of Maguro chu-toro don, a rice bowl with tuna sashimi: “Chu-toro has a moderate amount of fat and melts on your tongue. The tuna tasted perfect with the sauce and rice, it was fantastic!”

Chef’s recipe: Akauo and stir-fried vegetables

Our chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara showed how he prefers to prepare Akauo no Kirimi (perch). The full flavor of the Akauo fits perfectly with the homemade sauce. Using this recipe, you can put a culinary fish dish with vegetables on the table in just a few steps.