Holiday Fukubukuro

Bag full of fish with discount

With the December month approaching, we offer the Holiday Fukubukuro. A bag filled with delicious fish products with discount! According to Japanese tradition, the contents of the bag will remain a surprise until the last moment, but we assure you that you will like it.

Impress at the table

With the Holiday Fukubukuro you will surprise your friends and family during the holidays with a Japanese snack platter, sashimi dish and nabe (hotpot). Delicious as a 3-course dinner for about four people, but also fun to give your own twist. Chef Ohtawara shares his traditional holiday recipes with you, to get you started in the kitchen!

Holidays with Hokkai

Order the Holiday Fukubukuro before the deadline of your delivery route! We will keep you informed about your route by e-mail. Are you not yet registered on one of our routes? Please register here.

Snack platter

With the Holiday Fukubukuro you can put a delicious snack platter on the table with various fish snacks. Extremely popular in Japan, where the snacks are usually enjoyed with a glass of beer. For a more festive atmosphere, drink a glass of bubbles!

Sashimi dish

After drinks and snacks it is time for the appetizer. And with that, you will certainly make an impression this year! With the Holiday Fukubukuro you can put a luxurious sashimi dish on the table. Sashimi is an exclusive delicacy that is mainly eaten on special occasions in Japan. 


Time for the pièce de la résistence ! Nabe is a traditional Japanese dish that consists of homemade broth, in which you cook all kinds of fish products and vegetables. In Japan, this is not only a festive dish, but also a festive way of eating. All sitting around the pan on the table together feeling connected to one another. Which is important, especially in these times.

Sachiko (40) from Amsterdam: “In Japan it is very easy to buy super fresh fish for sashimi. In the Netherlands this is almost imposisble. For a long time I’ve been looking for fresh salmon and tuna for sashimi, but unfortunately without success. With Hokkai Suisan, my family and I can finally enjoy the best quality sashimi in the Netherlands! “.

Peter (72) from Heiloo: “Cooking is a hobby that got out of hand. I only use fresh products, but since Hokkai Kitchen is my favourite Japanese restaurant I became curious about their fresh frozen fish products. I didn’t expect too much from them, but now I am very enthusiastic. The quality is excellent, I will certainly cook with them more often!

Anne (29) from Haarlem: “A good snack platter belongs with a drink. I certainly don’t turn down bitterballs and cheese sticks, but I also like to serve other snacks. My boyfriend and I eat fish from Hokkai every week, but had never tried the fish snacks. It was definitely worth a try; our friends also liked the platter.”

Wesley (30) from Alkmaar: “With a wife who likes to be in the kitchen, I have developed a fairly high culinary standard. To which a simple dish with fish from Hokkai certainly meets. The quality and taste of the fish in combination with the ease with which you prepare it has made me very enthusiastic”.