Hokkai at Home: Maguro Chu Toro Don

Hokkai at Home by Mayu from Switzerland: “In my family we love fish! This year we unfortunately had to cancel our trip to Japan due to the corona crisis. We really miss the delicious food we always eat in Japan, especially the sashimi of medium fat tuna (Maguro Chu Toro) and the dried horse mackerel (Aji no Hiraki). A colleague of my husband ordered fish from Hokkai Suisan for the first time in July and was very enthusiastic. Therefore, we also decided to order several Japanese fish products from Hokkai, including the Maguro Chu Toro and Aji no Hiraki.

Shortly after I ordered at Hokkai, the fish was delivered to our home. I immediately started making the Maguro Chu Toro Don, a rice bowl with sashimi. Chu Toro has a moderate amount of fat and melts on your tongue. The tuna tased perfect with the sauce and rice, it was fantastic!

We don’t know when we will be able to travel to Japan again, so we are extra happy to have discovered Hokkai Suisan.”

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

Ingredients for  sauce

  • 3 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp mirin
  • 1 tbsp sake

Toppings (optioneel)

  • Geroosterde sesamzaadjes
  • Versnipperde norivellen
  • Versnipperde shishobladeren
  • Fijngesneden lente-ui

Preparation method

  1. Prepare the sauce by putting the sake and mirin in a small pot. Boil over low heat until the alcohol evaporates. Add the soy sauce once the sauce is cool.
  2. Place the ingredients in the bowl in the following order: the vinegared rice, the shredded Nori leaves, the chopped Maguro Chu Toro, the roasted sesame, the chopped spring onion and shredded shisho leaves.
  3. Pour the sauce on top. You can also add wasabi if you like.

Did you cook with Hokkai, just like Mayu? We would love to see your culinary creations as a home cook on social media using the hashtag #hokkaiathome

どうぞ召し上がれ! Please enjoy!