Updates August 2020

Hokkai Tutorial: how to make unagi don

If you have ever been to Japan during summer, you know that it can get very hot there. That is why the Japanese believe it is important to eat dishes that give a lot of energy, such as Unagi Don. In this tutorial, our chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara shows you how to make this traditional Japanese dish at home. He talks about the perfect way of cooking rice (which is crucial for this dish). Together with the  Unagi Kabayaki (grilled eel in sauce) the rice forms the base for Unagi Don.

Hokkai at Home with Anne

Homecook Anne shares her favorite snack platter with delicious fish snacks: ‘A delicious drink is served best with a good snack platter. I certainly do not turn down Dutch bitterballen and cheese sticks, but I also enjoy serving other snacks. My boyfriend and I eat fish from Hokkai on a weekly basis, but we had never tried the fish snacks before. I was familiar with Ebi-fry and Edamame, but Takoyaki and Shishamo were new to me. It was definitely worth a try, the snack platter was also well received by our friends.’

Chef’s recipe: Hitsumabushi

Unagi Kabayaki is arguably one of Japan’s most loved seafood products. The grilled eel in thick, sweet soy sauce is featured in many dishes, such as Unagi Hitsumabushi. Our chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara shows you how to prepare this traditional Japanese summer dish with rice, unagi, and a homemade soup in just 15 minutes. Simple but tasty!

Hokkai Recipes

With our freshly frozen fish products you can go in all directions. Our chef and home cooks repeatedly show this with their mouth-watering culinary creations. Great for daily use, but also for a summer barbecue or special dinner. Would you also like to experience the taste of Hokkai at home? Sign up and enjoy our monthly promotions. You simply receive your order at your home!