Updates June 2020

Hokkai Tutorial

This month we presented the very first Hokkai Tutorial! Starring our chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara. In this video, the chef will serve you a two-course dinner consisting of sashimi from Hotate (Scallop) and grilled Aji no Hiraki (dried horse mackerel) and Shio Saba (salted mackerel) from the oven. Authentic Japanese food that is prepared in no time. Stay tuned for the second Hokkai Tutorial that we will share with you next month!

Expansion of the assortment

With the summer approaching, we are temporarily expanding our assortment with traditional Japanese seasonal products, such as Unagi Kabayaki (grilled eel in thick, sweet soy sauce) and Edamame (Japanese soy beans). These products do very well during a summer barbecue. Just like our Sanma (Japanese Mackerel), which you order from us this month at a discount price!

Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box

Last month we launched the Hokkai Freshly Frozen Box, which was very well received by our customers. We fill the box with a selection of our favorite fish products, including clear preparation methods. It’s ideal to get acquainted with our large assortment or to try new products. Would you also like to receive the box at your home? You can of course!

Chef’s Recipe: Hokkai Ratatouille

With our freshly frozen fish products you can really go in any direction. Our chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara shows this again with his simple but tasty recipe for Ratatouille with Shio Saba. The many types of vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids of the Shio Saba fillets make this a super healthy meal!

Hokkai at Home with Jacqueline

This month, homecook Jacqueline share here recipe for Tara no Kirimi (cod) with homemade marinade. “At first, I opted for the well-known fish products, such as salmon, mackerel and cod, but due to the enthusiasm of my son and the advice of the chef, I soon got the red sea bream, yellowtail and fish roe. I tasted the entire range and I am a big fan! The home delivery service is also a handy solution, especially for people who don’t live as close as I do. ”