Salmon Teriyaki Burger

Step 1.

Stir fry the onions in a pan. If you want, you can also toast your buns in the same pan.

Step 2.

Put a pan over low heat. Pour the teriyaki sauce in the pan and add a mixture of potato starch and water to thicken the sauce. Then add the onions and the salmon burger and flip it a couple times.

Step 3.

Place the lettuce, and burger on the bun. Scoop the onions out of the pan and place on top. Add some Japanese mayonnaise and extra spoon of teriyaki sauce on top.

Please enjoy! Meshi-agare!

Enjoy your dish and stay tuned for other recipes. ♪♪


  • Hokkai Suisan Salmon burger
  • Onion
  • Burger bun
  • Lettuce or rucola
  • Japanese Mayonnaise
  • Teriyaki sauce (from a bottle or follow this quick recipe for Chef Kuni’s teriyaki sauce )

Chef Kuni’s Teriyaki Sauce

  • Soy sauce  1 table spoon
  • Mirin 1 table spoon
  • Sake 1 table spoon
  • Sugar 1 tea spoon
  • To thicken the sauce add 1 table spoon of water and 1 teaspoon of potatostarch when heating up the sauce.