Saikyozuke explained

The making of Gindara Saikyozuke

Saikyozuke is an ancient process for preserving food and providing it with a deep and characteristic taste by the use of miso. It works on the principle of fermentation. Saikyo is the name of the miso that is used (there are many types of it) and zuke means to preserve. This process is used for all kinds of food, but of course we are talking about fish.


First of all, the fish is salted in order that the taste of the miso absorbs more easily to the core of the product. Fatty fish, such as mackerel or black cod, requires more time to absorb than less fatty fish such as cod. The miso has a fermenting effect, and as a result of that the cell structure changes and moisture is extracted. The fat of the fish ensures that the product does not dry out.


Fermentation provides a wonderful structure of the fish and a powerful, deep taste. In the past, fermentation was mainly used to preserve fish. With the current possibilities of fresh freezing, this is no longer necessary. Nowadays fermentation is only used to obtain wonderful flavors.

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